It’s the time of year to reflect for what we are thankful and grateful. For us, we are thankful for you, our readers.

As much as we love doing what we do, it would be impossible and pointless without our readers. 

We look forward to putting out a newspaper and a website for our readers to enjoy. We welcome the feedback you provide, both good and bad, as we try to deliver the news and information you want and need in Thomas and Grady counties.

Our industry has changed dramatically and drastically over the last decade. As the method of delivering news through a printed newspaper has changed, new avenues have opened up through social media and digital outlets. Admittedly, it has felt like nailing soup to a wall in finding the right mix and the best way to make sure the news is put in the hands of our readers. There likely will be more changes to come in the future as to how we disseminate news and information to our readers. 

We are also thankful for a community that cares, and not just about its newspaper but especially for the community itself. We’ve seen it on scales large and small, from the volunteers who turned out for Thanksgiving for Thousands to the annual J.J. Wilcox Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway.

We’re thankful to have a community that produces so much good news to counter all the bad news that takes places as well. And we’re forever grateful that our readers care enough to read about all that happens, whether it casts our great community in a positive light or in a less than appealing manner. We hope you continue to keep reading and we hope that the news we get to bring you is good for the coming future.

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