Hurricane season is upon us, starting Saturday. It will run through November 30 and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, through its Climate Prediction Center, is estimating a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season. 

The forecasters are projecting there will be from nine to 15 named storms. Of those, four to eight are expected to become hurricanes and of that total, there could two to four major hurricanes, meaning they have winds of 111 mph or greater.

An average hurricane season, according to NOAA, is 12 named storms, with three of those becoming major hurricanes.

While a hurricane’s path and track are not always easy to predict, there is at least a window of advanced warning as to where those storms might strike. However, severe weather can hit our area at any time. Strong thunderstorms can pop up or can sweep across the region, having started hundreds of mile away before advancing on southwest Georgia.

Whether it’s hurricanes churning through the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico or a line of thunderstorms bearing down on southwest Georgia, we urge you to be aware and be prepared. The Thomasville Times-Enterprise can help you be on the alert for severe weather through our website and our social media platforms.

However you get alerts, be ready when severe weather strikes because it can happen quickly. Stay up-to-date when bad weather approaches and stay informed as to what happens when it passes through the area and visit and our social media pages to keep informed.