So many people are coming around, reversing course and getting vaccinated. We want to say thank you and commend you for your community service. 

Fifty percent of Thomas County residents have gotten at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and it will make a huge difference in the battle to control the spread of the delta variant in our community. 

Of course, we know that most people are vaccinated to keep themselves safe and that is certainly the right thing to do and the primary reason for vaccination. 

Still, getting the COVID-19 vaccination helps to keep everyone else safe as well and also helps stabilize the economy. 

No one wants people to get sick.

No one wants people to be hospitalized. 

No one wants people to be placed on ventilators. 

And, most certainly, no one wants people to die. 

The vaccine is simply what it takes to keep those things from happening. 

While we have seen the instances of those who have gotten vaccinated contract COVID-19, the overwhelming majority do not. Archbold’s statistics Tuesday showed that none of the eight COVID-19 patients on ventilators at its facilities had been vaccinated and the same held true for 14 of the 18 COVID-19 patients in critical care.

None of us likes getting shots in our arms, and we don’t like having to wear protective masks. 

There should have never been conflict over vaccines and masks because, if the truth be told, no one ever wanted to be in this situation to begin with, and getting vaccines and wearing masks are not things anyone enjoys or wants to have to do. 

All the mitigation strategies — economic shutdown, social distancing, repeated hand washing, using hand sanitizers, wearing protective face masks and getting vaccinations — are inconvenient, somewhat of an intrusion and mostly uncomfortable. 

No one wears masks and gets the vaccination shots because they want to, but rather because they have to for themselves and for others, and that makes it so commendable.

Keeping yourself and your family safe just makes sense. 

Looking out for your neighbor, for the community and for the most vulnerable among us is thoughtful, considerate, altruistic and simply the right thing to do. 

We know choosing to get a vaccine was a difficult decision for many people, and we appreciate you taking the time to do the research, to reconsider and then make the arrangements to roll up your sleeve. 

Yes, we have written numerous editorials strongly urging people to wear masks, socially distance and get vaccinated. 

But today, we wanted to take a different approach. 

Today, we just want to say thank you for doing your part. 

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