After reading Patricia Gainey’s letter in Sunday’s paper, I have several points on which we don’t agree.

William Greider’s statement is true in the fact that President Obama’s re-election is a crucial watershed in the life of this nation. He was voted in because he made promises he can’t and won’t keep to those voters who have no idea what it is like to manage employees or own a company and worry about payroll.  He made promises during his first campaign and kept one —that of taking us out of the war with Iraq. In case no one noticed, the arena has only moved.

Obama is so in bed with unions I fear that, in the future, people who want to work will not be able to find a job in non-union companies. I believe that it is OK to have a union, but if the union wants to strike, then let the union pay for the strikers’’unemployment pay and not the government. Today, we do not need unions. We have the ACLU.

While Greider feels that a person of color would not have been elected for years if Obama had lost this year, I believe that is one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard. What about Allen West, Bobby Jindal and plenty of other folks who ‘are of color?’ (I will assume that Greider has not heard of Barbara Jordan, the first black woman to be elected to the Texas Senate forty years ago.)

To vote for a person because of their color (Greider’s paraphrased statements) is the most racist thing that can be done. To vote for Obama, even though his supporters were disappointed in him, just to keep a half-black man in office is insanity. Obama’s supporters are hoping his second term will be remembered as opening America to a different future. I think Obama’s second term will be remembered as the final turning point of a great nation’s failure.

For Greider to suggest that white supremacy is ruling any party is race baiting in general and I’m tired of this game. It is not skin color that makes an individual good or bad, smart or stupid, rich or poor. What makes an individual is that person’s soul and beliefs –— that intangible essence that makes us human.  At some point, we, as a nation, are going to have to vote for a president who can do the job.  We need to quit looking at the color of skin we were born with or what genitals we have and start looking for honesty and integrity in the people we elect to run what will be left of this nation.

I’m tired of Obama’s gripe about money guys. I don’t see millionaires and billionaires of color rushing to give their money away to the government.

As to Gainey’s last statement,  “Organized people defeat organized money” — Hitler and the Nazi party were a very organized group.

Just a thought.

Kay Kramer


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