“How strange it is right-to-lifers don't want frozen embryos used in stem call research. They show no concern for sick or unwanted children. Why not help them?"

“Bush seems to think he has a mandate from God to bring democracy to all of the world. He is paranoid."

“For those who attribute hatred for America to President Bush, you might find it interesting to know that in 1785 Americans were attacked by Muslims —before we were a world power or even had a navy. Twenty-one American merchant soldiers were kidnapped by Muslim pirates and held in Libya. One hundred fifteen were held in Algeria. The sailors were forced to convert to Islam or face hard labor (much worse than the Gitmo/Abu Ghraib torture) while imprisoned. Our new nation built its first navy so that we could rescue these sailors in various battles lasting 12 years! (See story in Voice of the Martyrs magazine — special issue 2006.)”

“The issue of Bush’s wiretapping is not one of right and left. It is one of right and wrong. That is why Carter brought it up. And since when have Republicans protested? They just blindly follow like lemmings over the cliff.”

“Gas in Albany was $2.18 a gallon this weekend. Why is it not that in Thomasville?”

“So is having a cop patrol the traffic intersection denying you freedom also? It’s not freedom when someone kills a family member or friend because of negligence.”

“Tattoos may be in style now, but remember, you will still have it when they are no longer in style.”

“Carter’s shameful political antics at Mrs. Kings funeral should not surprise anyone. Carter is just trying to hide the shame he brought to this country that while he was president he allowed Americans to be held hostage for over 400 days by terrorists working for the government of Iran.”

“The Winter Olympics sure are boring.”

“Congratualtions to the Thomasville High School boys baketball team for winning their division.”

“They should open a Target or a Petsmart in the old Winn-Dixie building. Those stores would do good here in Thomasville.”

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