“To the person who found my granddaughter’s wallet in a local parking lot and turned it in at the service desk on April 1, thank you very much.”

“We have come to realize that we really don’t own our land. With the property tax, the government effectively took it as theirs. We rent it from them. Don’t pay your rent and see how long you stay there.”

“You’ll be wishing you had that agricultural land close by once the cheap oil runs out and you can’t afford to drive to the grocery store every day.”

“I grew up on a farm and still think the farming industry is important. However, this land debate is not really about protecting farmers. It is about stopping people like you and me from living next door to the movers and shakers in town. There is more than enough unused land in this county for future development. Other cities in SOWEGA would love to have our growth. Instead of shunning away this renewed interest in the Rose City, let us work together to make sure we can all enjoy a piece of the pie. If not, one day we may become the city wondering where all the jobs and people went.”

“Hey as a ranter, I am also a taxpayer which makes me one of the people who does pay the deputies salaries. You do know how government works, don’t you?”

“To you who think those of us that rant about our government is wrong. Read something else while your in your hole under the rock.”

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