"Parents need to be reminded of the dangers of the four-wheelers. I see kids below the age of 16 driving them and this is against the law. They ride without helmets. We don't need to lose any more of our kids."

The best

"Cindy and Verna at Kids World Day Care in Thomasville are doing an excellent job with my kids. I trust them with my kids. They are the best day care in the world."

Don't cover me up

"This is to the city of Thomasville, please don't fill the hole on Orchard Lane as my car is still in it."


"The sheriff's department and state patrol should sit at Pavo Road and Gatlin Creek Road. I see drivers every day during the after-work rush hour pass me on a double yellow line on a hill. They could make a lot of money writing tickets."

Give them a raise

"The paramedics of Thomas County need a raise. Who else would do the work of a physician, respiratory therapist, pharmacist and psychiatric counselor for their meager salary? I say thanks every day for them."

Burning issue

"We have a serious issue in Thomas County for people with respiratory illnesses. Something needs to be done to address the continuous burning of small and large tracts of land. The air continually is full of smoke. Until you have experienced breathing problems, you have no idea how critical an issue this is. There is no way you can sit outside and enjoy this beautiful weather, especially if you live off the Metcalfe Road. I believe people's health is more important than any other benefit. The fire officials need to quit issuing burning permits."

NAACP hijackers

"It seems the Thomas County NAACP is attempting to follow the footsteps of the Rainbow Coalition led by Jesse Jackson. The only way to legitimately fund their cause is to hijack corporate America or hijack the taxpayers out of the money to fill their pockets."

Not entertainment

"In church (recently), the congregation clapped during a baptism. I suggest if you think this is entertainment, you go to a swim meet and let those of us who came to worship do so."

Wasteful pursuit

"Why is the NAACP allowed to sue the city schools so often? All they are doing is wasting taxpayer money. The money could be spent on the kids and the NAACP says they want to help the kids. It's not right and somebody should put a stop to it."

Going up

"It looks like gas prices have gone up again. How much higher are they going to get before somebody steps in to do something?"

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