What about dedication?

"Have you ever noticed the job promotions in the paper? It's surprising how many times it's based on prestigious family names or just kissing up. Whatever happened to hard work and dedication? Why don't these people have to prove themselves any more? Most of these people have it handed to them on a silver platter. It usually comes back to haunt the business. A poor man doesn't stand a chance in this town."

Contact the lawyer

"To the caller who made the comment about the attorney's children, please contact that lawyer so that the misinformation you have received can be rectified. This would show class and integrity. After you receive this response, an apology would be in order on your part."

Why foreign owners?

"Why are so many convenience stores, liquor stores and motels are owned by foreigners? Where are they sending all their money?"

Your referral

"To the person who referred smokers to the oncology clinic, I have a referral for you. It's called Red China."


"John Payne's article about President Bush is so full of mistakes I don't know where to start. He might as well deal with his hatred of President Bush because thank heavens he will be around another four years."

Is he really the worst?

"John F. Payne may be incorrect in calling George W. Bush the worst president ever. Franklin Pierce was hardly ever sober and Warren Harding put in office that crowd that tried to steal the teapot dome. Harding and Pierce were relatively harmless."

Not St. Andrews Cross

"Being of Scottish ancestry and heritage, the Confederate battle flag does have a version of the St. Andrews Cross, but it is not the true St. Andrews Cross. It is a white cross with no stars in it."

Payne, lead the group

"John Payne needs to take Ed Asner, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and all the other Bush-hating liberals to Paris where they'd be happy."

Freedom is great

"It's great to live in a free country. Even John Payne can write the most ridiculous things about our president. He's a left-wing liberal and I have the freedom not to read his writings."

Hats off to you

"I'm so proud to know there is a black man who knows the truth about the Confederate flag and he's standing up for it. My hat's off to you."

Did he really think?

"Did Larry Green really think the article about Cara Hankinson in Tuesday's paper would really satisfy the public? Makes me wonder what's behind all this?"

A face full of smoke

"I love the salad bar at one local restaurant but don't like the face full of cigarette smoke I get every time I make a salad."

Be accountable

"Let me get this straight. The commission and council want to build a new courthouse building and a parking garage in downtown Thomasville and they still haven't accounted to the taxpayers what they did with all the millions of dollars that ESA lost."

Show us the choices

"I enjoyed Randy Young's column about the two flags, and I hope the newspaper will print the two flag choices before Tuesday."

Tell me again

"Is the sheriff saying some of the deputies are making in excess of $211,000 per year, or is this a printing format? Somebody explain."

Editor's Note: The $211,585 figure is the total current hourly wages for seven deputies, plus benefits.

Tired of them

"I'm so tired of hearing those Geico commercials on TV."

Why can't they stop?

"I was relieved when Archbold became smoke free, but when I gave blood the other day I smelled that disgusting cigarette smell on the lady that took my blood. Is this for real or not?"

Where was he then?

"Where was this liberal- writing John Payne when Bill Clinton was president? I don't remember even one of his letters in the paper then."

Praise God

"Praise God for President George W. Bush. We finally have a godly person in the White House that will take a stand against evil and deprivation in this country. We need to quit being cowards and stand up with him as well, as with Mel Gibson."

He told the truth

"Nelson Winbush told the truth about the Confederate flag being used for the wrong reasons. As he stated, the Civil War was about states' rights and tariffs, not slavery."

Carter was our worst

"When John Payne wrote his worst president's letter, he forgot about Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter ruined the U.S. military and he continues to be the worst president ever."

The truth hurts

"Way to go Mr. Payne. The truth hurts."

We pay for storage

"It's true Garrison-Pilcher is a very giving school. As taxpayers, we pay taxes to support our schools and we should have storage rooms for clutter such as tables, doors -- and this is not art. Trust me as I am educated."

Where are our values?

"I am totally appalled by the letter from John F. Payne. Some people would vote for Satan if he was running on the Democratic ticket and Jesus Christ was running on the Republican ticket. Where are American values going? Going down the toilet? Vote for the person and his values, not the party."

Why call me?

"I'm on the do not call list. So, why do I get a phone call from John Kerry?"

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