No way

"Ken Jennings on Jeopardy for 35 days? No one is that intelligent without first being coached on the subjects that are to be on the show that night."

End terrorism

"This nation should commit itself by the end of this decade to put an end to Islamic terrorism. If we don't, they will put an end to us."

Need new bus station

"We need a nice place for the bus station. There's no place to wait out of the weather. There's a lot of nice buildings going to waste."

Stop four-wheelers

"We have a bad problem in Metcalfe with elementary and middle school students riding their four-wheelers and motorcycles or dirt bikes up and down Broad Street and Hancock Street. They are going fast up to 50 mph with no helmets. I would like to know what the rules are for Thomas County for riding on public roads. They will have two and three people piled up on one four-wheeler going full out on the road. It's scary and somebody is going to get hurt. Something has to be done. It has been going on all summer long."

Say no to uniform

"I go to MacIntyre Park Middle School and if we had to wear uniforms what would I do with my beautiful wardrobe?"

Glad you aren't here

"To the person who thinks rant and rave reflects negativity on Thomasville: actually, your remarks were appalling and degrading with very negative remarks. Wherever you are located, we are glad you are not here in Thomasville."

Oceanfront in Arizona

"To the person who thinks Charley Reese is middle of the road, sensible and intelligent, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale."

Where are they?

"What has happened to all the Christian people, especially the women? A Christian person is supposed to help people, not hurt people."

Provide education

"If we start to put our school children in uniforms, aren't we starting to become like North Korea and Communist China? Perhaps the schools should start spending less time worrying about dress code and more time providing a better education for our students."

Column fascinating

"To Randy Young, I thoroughly enjoyed your column (Thursday). It's fascinating to learn about the history of the Civil War and to read an actual letter from a soldier. To have lived and seen all that devastation and destruction must have been horrible. Please keep educating us about our past."

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