"When are these people going to learn to take responsibility for their own actions and quit blaming others when a hurricane comes. We all had plenty of time to prepare. I am stocked up with items to last a week. They should stock up at the first of hurricane season. The blame starts with us, not anyone else."

"Everybody should drive to the small towns to buy the cheaper gas. Then the stations would have to come down. It pays you to drive a little. You would come out ahead."

"This goes out to the two police officers that had to fight traffic and control a lady who was trying to run out in front of cars yesterday. They went above and beyond the call getting in the road with her. We need more officers in Thomasville that will go the limit they did to help her. Thumbs up, guys."

"Congrats to Willie Harris of Cairo on his World Series success with the White Sox."

"You know, it seems like when you're talking about a problem or voting on a problem that there's been one whole year given to fix, there should have been some studying on not only the complaint, but other problems that might arise. For instance, when Mr. Rehberg suggested the odor problem from the chicken houses."

"Thank you, Mrs. Hickey and the Acteens from First Baptist, for coming out to Twin Oaks and having Cowboy Church. You all did a fantastic job, and it was so much fun for all! Hope you will come back again soon."

"Thank you to Eastside Baptist Church for your Fall Festival. Our family enjoyed the food and fun, and everyone was so nice. It's nice for churches to provide Halloween activities for children at no charge."

"I would like to thank Mrs. Fletcher for the amazing job that she is doing as a teacher and an FCA leader. She always touches the lives of so many. Thank you."

"How many state titles has Ed Pilcher won? Five. How many have the second-guessers? won None. I rest my case."

"To the people griping about gas prices: Take a ride to Augusta. I went up 19/300 to I-75, then took GA 129/44 to I-16. Gas prices ranged anywhere from $2.34/gal to $2.89/gal for regular. The highest was at the junction of GA 44 and I-16, and the lowest was in Cordele. If you don't like the gas prices here, I suggest you take your business elsewhere and just shut up. Enough is enough. Have you ever thought that the people that own the gas stations have overhead, and overhead in one city may be significantly higher than overhead in another? If you don't want to buy gas from a certain chain/company, just take your business elsewhere."

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