“Thank you to the person who found my car keys and turned them in at Belk. Thank you very much."

“So Phil Danner thinks Bush should be impeached. The legal standard is ‘knew or should have known.’"

“To the person who stole the Christmas tree out of the bucket of water: Just to let you know, that tree was picked out by a single mother and her children waiting for someone to pick it up for them. Those children now don't have their tree. We would greatly appreciate if you would come and pay for the tree you stole off a Christmas tree farm."

“The Christmas pageant ‘Let There Be Light’ presented by Dawson Street Baptist Church music ministry was beautiful. Thank you to everyone involved."

“Thank you to the American Legion Post and Ochlocknee Civic Club for the senior citizen supper they provided for us. It's a nice outing and get-together. Thank you for caring."

“Victorian Christmas was beautiful. It put me in the Christmas spirit."

“A rave to Tony Adams of Thomasville Utilities. He came to our rescue Saturday at our church because we couldn't get our gas to come on. He was very courteous and helpful."

“Thank you to Northwoods Church of God Christmas musical, especially everyone behind the scenes. Your work does not go unnoticed."

“I was reading the letter from the Rev. Dewitt Rehberg about Christmas being taken out of the holidays. I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Thank you for telling it like it is preacher."

“We will never need a law to wish someone a ‘Merry Christmas’ because it’s already guaranteed by the First Amendment. This non-issue is shameless pandering by the Republicans to get their base riled up.”

“It’s good to see a few folks stand up for traditional American values. Somebody has got to stem the tide of political correctness that is killing this country. So many things we hold dear are under attack.”

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