"The commissioners need to go back several years and look at how many deputies have left for better paying jobs. Bring these deputies pay up to where they deserve! Putting your life on the line to help others -- priceless."


"You would support Bush if it was your husband, son, daughter or wife over the fighting for the freedom you have today. I live at Fort Stewart, and I see what the families go through everyday. My heart goes out to everyone who has a loved one leaving after Christmas. Thanks for all you do."

Very upset

"We, the residents of Edgewood and Glenwood drives, are very upset that our local 'leaders' refuse to stop the speeding in our neighborhood! We need help!"

The whole story

"I guess the Rant and Rave against President Carter was written by the whoever reads them because my original rave honoring him was never published. I guess you can get the whole story in Thomasville. Unless, of course, you are Republican and you own the paper."

Do your job

"Mr. Gross, I can't believe you almost lost your election to the man at the hospital and you've already started missing meetings. We look for you to represent us sometime."

Set a schedule

"The sheriff and commissioners should try some type of salary schedule that is linked not only to longevity, but the amount of training a person has."

Science fun

"Science Academy at MacIntyre Park Middle School is an outstanding program. My child can't stop raving about how fun it was."

Energy tip

"When stopping at our new traffic lights and considering the price of gas, we may save money by stopping our engines because of waiting so long for the light to change."

It doesn't add up

"I understand Josh Herring made a little over $40,000 last year as a county commissioner. Can he justify that against the low pay of a deputy sheriff? I believe his part-time pay would equal more than what our sheriff's deputies are making."

Kindness appreciated

"This is National Caregivers Month, I'd like to say thank you for the wonderful acts of kindness and love from Amanda, Rossie, Norman and Amy from hospice they have given us the past eight months. We couldn't have made it without you."

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