Endorsements positive

"I appreciate very much the Times-Enterprise putting forth its choices for the election. I noticed a lot of people were upset about that, but it seems to me the paper has an abundance of knowledge and facts that it has checked out. Listing their opinions based on that certainly helps individuals who do not have all the information. I appreciate the Times-Enterprise, and I enjoy the Rant and Rave. Rant and Rave shows we have some very smart people in the area, and we have others who need to read the paper. If you read the paper cover to cover like I do, you would be a much more informed citizen."

Last visit

"I went to a fall festival last week at a church. I was highly disappointed with the way a member spoke to me and my child. It was my first and last visit to this church."

Stop gossip

"I was just calling about all the gossips in Thomasville. I'm curious why people can't mind their own business."

Make them wash

"With the flu season upon us, why aren't school teachers required to have their students wash their hands with soap and water? Most of them are letting the kids use hand sanitizer, which is supposed to be used only when water and soap are not available."

Garland was there

"I don't see how the chief magistrate position can be part-time. It's a full-time job. Grace Garland was there for the sheriff's department and the people of Thomas County."

Morals prevail

"Bush winning the election shows the Christian people still have morals."

Live with it

"The elections are over, so why don't you people just live with the decisions made?"

Tell them

"A girl in a small red car talking on the telephone decided to pass me as I was turning onto a road from Summerhill. Thank goodness I saw her or she would have hurt or even killed innocent children in my car. If your teenage son/daughter talks on the phone while driving, please tell them how dangerous it is."

Faith restored

"I was very encouraged by the election results -- not so much because President Bush was re-elected -- but because the leading issue was morals. I believe that is why most people voted for our president. My faith in America was restored when it became evident a majority of the people -- North, South, East and West -- still have high morals. I believe is we sincerely pray for our president, he will make the right decisions on foreign and domestic issues that will be good for all of us. We also need to pray that the Congress supports him in these decisions."

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