Show some pride

"Look at the highways leading into Thomasville, especially at the U.S. 84 and U.S. 19 bypass near the new Holiday Inn Express. The grass along the sides of the roads is three feet tall and has not been mowed all year. And that's not the only place around town. Somebody needs to take pride in the way we look. It does not leave a good impression of Thomasville."

Cable trouble

"I am a 40-year-old homebound female and have lived here for a little over a year. I have my cable with Mediacom. Why can't I get through to Mediacom? Every time I call, I get somebody in Hendersonville, Tenn. I don't want to talk to someone in Tennessee."

Great care

"Thank you to Greg Dodson at Urgent Care for taking such good care of me. I injured my back and I went in there, and he was a nice person. He took up a lot of time with me. I appreciate his bedside manner. He would make a great family practitioner. You would have a great practice."

Unnatural control

"Parents and children should read the Bible and stop trying to play God with other people's lives. My 51-year-old ex-wife still loves me and has to talk to me over the phone and slip around to see me because her parents and one son doesn't like me. She fears she will be punished by them for wanting to see me. That type of control is not natural."

Keep it up

"Let's keep supporting all the foreigners with our welfare money."

Awesome display

"Thank you to CNS for the beautiful fireworks display at Remington Park on Monday. It was awesome."

Divisive instrument

"The rant and rave is the most divisive instrument in the county. Much of the information is totally incorrect and much is misleading. The Times-Enterprise should not print it unless people are willing to sign their names. Is it really newsworthy to criticize individuals and groups in this paper?"

What's wrong here?

"Concerning the undocumented farm workers receiving medical help, it says they pay $5 for a prescription. These are illegal immigrants, and I worked for over 50 years and am now retired. My Social Security doesn't pay anything. Those cards are a farce. I have to have other insurance that I'm paying for and even with that I have to pay $15 to $25 on my drugs. What's wrong with the United States? Five dollars to the illegal immigrants or $15 to $25 to somebody that has worked 50 years and paying their taxes in this country?"

Thank you

"We recieved wonderful customer service when we were experiencing problems with out Internet connection. The tech you sent out to help us with this problem was very helpful and understanding. Thank you again."

need more companies to offer

great tech help like

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