Thanks, Ruth

"Thank you to Ruth Salter for all her time and energy in teaching our children. The dance was a great success."

Helpful and cordial

"My hats off to the people of Publix. They are always cordial and very helpful."

Thanks for donation

"The World of Truth Christian Academy would like to thank Randall Printing for donating the tickets for our drawing."

It's a disgrace

"To the person who said get a life, you haven't gone down 84 lately. The sides of the road are strewn with cotton. It's a disgrace the cotton folks won't clean up their mess. It's not just a little bit. It looks terrible."

Show consideration

"The Thomas County Board of Education and Thomas County Central High School officials should show more consideration for its fans who are little less fortunate to travel by automobile long distance. They could come up with buses called No Fan Left Behind."

Dignified services

"The funeral homes here do a great job of providing dignified services at a time of need. They have overhead costs like everyone else. After all I do for my family, they'd better not put me in a pine box."

Recognize our need

"I called the Neighborhood Service Center to make an appointment for my husband who is 74-years-old for the energy assistance program. I was asked my age and because I'm not quite 65, I was told to call back Dec. 1. On Dec. 1 when I finally could get a call through, there are no more funds available. I feel the first call should have been recognized because he is 74 and head of the household."

Should not happen

"My son attends one of the city middle schools and he told me a student was very ugly to one of the faculty members. The student cursed the teacher out. I'd like to know how the student was disciplined. This should not be happening."

Take responsibility

"People should avoid driving down Hwy. 122 on Pavo Road near the golf course driving range. I know of two people who have had their windshields shattered by golf balls. The city will not take responsibility. Community service workers have found several hundreds of golf balls on both sides of the road from the driving range over the past several months."

Thanks, Lt. Ingram

"I'd like to thank Lt. Sharon Ingram in Meigs who caught a scoundrel who's been going around trying to get little girls inside his car. She apprehended the suspect."

Put up a signal

"Turn signals should be put up going to Cairo going out of Thomasville. You can't turn for the traffic coming and going."

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