"All you people so critical of Clint Thompson need to call him every morning and give him 'your' opinion so he can print that instead of his own. Obviously, at least to you, he has the wrong opinion about everything.

"I locked my keys in my car Saturday at the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. My thanks to two Thomasville police officers and sheriff's deputies who politely and promptly helped me."

"To the writer who requested a book of Randy Young's best columns, you can rest assured this book is in the works and will be out in the next year or so."

"I read where coach Pilcher is looking for a team to play. I have a suggestion. Play Madison County Cowboys any time, any place, anywhere. They are ready to play. Call coach Carroll any time."

"The underpass on Hansell Street should be cleaned. There is so much trash. It is ridiculous. Please, somebody, see about this."

"Thank you, Mrs. Lilly at Jerger School, for being such a dedicated teacher. She saved a newspaper article of a student's mother from 1974 and has given it to her daughter, who is now in her class at Jerger. Thank you."

"Whoever set that fire in the park was very childish and very cruel. The park is for little children. What have you against little children? Whenever you get caught, which you will, I hope they throw the book at you. You really need to be ashamed. This is from a mother who takes her children to this park all the time."

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