June 26, 2004

I'm from the city

"In reference to the teenagers, no, I am not a senior citizen raised in the country. I was raised in the city. Everyone hollers that the teenagers have nothing to do. Then we wonder why when they get older they don't want to work. They are not being taught to work at a young age while they are teens. There is plenty of time for play and plenty of time for other things, too -- constructive things and relaxation. I am a mother of three and have teenagers. They don't just get up and go off to some program. They have to clean up the house, get a little rest and then there's time to go play. They can go swimming, play basketball or volleyball. There's work to be done. The problem with society today is we want to raise our kids in 2004 and get the same results as 1904."

Change the law

"Recently a friend was terminated after nearly 20 years service with a local company. I've learned that, according to Georgia law, employees have no rights in these situations. We need to contact our lawmakers and change this. Employees should have rights, too."

Track every penny

"I am told that nearly every church denomination unknowingly contributes to the terrorists. We should all hold our denominations accountable for our money that they spend. In our church denomination, there's a list of where all the money goes. But I often wonder when it says miscellaneous $1 million, where it goes. And wanted to find out. Every church owes it to the Lord to get the bottom and find out where every penny goes."

They should pay, too

"If immigrants are going to live here and run a business, they are no better than the rest of us. They should pay taxes just like the rest of America. We borrow money. We pay taxes. They should, also."

Clean up

"People are talking about sign ordinances and cleaning up Jackson Street and Broad Street. Somebody should make certain businesses clean up their act."

Cut the noise

"About the burgundy Mustang speeding in the mobile home park, speeding and loud music of certain people's children should be stopped."

Reese misinformed

"Charley Reese is the most misinformed, uneducated person I have ever seen. Why does the Times-Enterprise continue to print his liberal rantings? He said in a column that al-Qaida, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein all amounted to flies on the rump of humanity. He might want to tell that to the relatives of the 3,000 Americans killed on 9-11 or the soldiers killed on the USS Cole or the hundreds killed in the embassy bombings or tens of thousands killed by Hussein in his own country ..... George W. Bush has never compared himself to Ronald Reagan."

Watch the county

"I hope everyone sees what the county is doing. The June 23 Times-Enterprise stated the millage rate is slightly lower than last year. I have a piece of property that was revalued this year and went up over $7,000. Two years ago it went up $8,000. That's $15,000 in less than three years. The land is the same as it was since 2000. At this rate, I will be paying double the amount I paid in the year 2000."


"I think the system is unfair. How can the system let someone who molested a 10-year-old child back on the street. It's unfair."

Poor judgement

"Chick-fil-A exercised poor judgment in topping those oak trees on U.S. 19 at the old Wal-Mart location. They should understand that we would rather see the trees than the sign. Most businesses know advertising signs and trees can co-exist in Thomasville."

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