Good pick

"Commercial Bank did a wonderful job in selecting Tom Callaway as its new president. You will not find a nicer, more dependable and respectable man than Tom. Good luck. We wish you well."

Mail concerns

"The people on Metcalfe Road are worried about receiving their mail after dark? The people on 19 South are lucky if they get their mail at all."

Angelic rednecks

"Howard Dean's conduct and behavior during and after his speech last week made redneck men look like angels."

Wake-up call

"Why do the county manager and county commissioners think people are so dumb that they will vote for another special purpose local option sales tax to build a courthouse when they cannot explain the mismanagement of the ESA and the wasted money there? Wake up commissioners, listen to the grand jury's advice on ESA."

Scene stealer

"I used to enjoy the beautiful scenery on my way to work each morning on Ga. 3. Now, somebody has cleared a huge plot of land right before the Ochlockonee River. All the beautiful trees are gone. I'm disappointed."

Wrong department

"Deadbeat dads are not handled by the sheriff's department. They are handled through a state agency."

Love those lights

"I love those new lights in downtown Thomasville. I notice when I go to the VA Hospital in Lake City, Madison, Live Oak and Lake City have those lights. By the way, I'm a 75-year-old curmudgeon."

Totally cool

"The best thing about rant and rave is the title above each one. They are just plain cool, man."

What's the criteria?

"I'd like to know what the criteria is for receiving the Distinguished Service Award given by the chamber of commerce. Is it longevity on the job, service to the community or the number of letters folks write in to nominate somebody?"

Get the real story

"I'd like to suggest to our Jewish friends who find Mel Gibson's new movie "Passion" about Jesus Christ a lie. I'd like to ask them to read the New Testament on the real story. I'm sorry if they hate our Christianity but they can't destroy our faith and they can't change history. Jesus Christ was a Jew and some of his own people turned on him. It was all in God's plan. Please compare life and death of Jesus Christ to the Old Testament prophecies about the messiah."

Cut Dean some slack

"What is all the uproar about Howard Dean's behavior last week? Can't a candidate show his jubilation and not be criticized? I think we owe Howard Dean a break.

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