Soon to be an asset

"The new traffic lights in Thomasville are going to be an asset if they can get the timing on the lights set. They are an improvement as far as functionality. The timing on the delays between changing particularly on cross streets is much too long. It is creating unnecessary delays and should be looked at again and recalibrated."

Please call us

"The person who dropped off a gift at Thomasville Community Resource Center for Marsh, please call the center at 226-5841."

Get real

"To the person who wrote they were irate because the black people were lined up on the front page, let's get real. A couple of years ago there were seven or eight white people on the front page for drug charges lined up just as those people were. So let's stop making things out to be more than they actually are."

Thank God

"Thank God for sending his son Jesus down to earth."

Don't judge

"Big brother and fashion police are on the loose. How dare you judge me by my clothes. You don't know me. I'm appalled about the ignorance of people."

Wrestling rave

"I'd like to rave about the Thomas County Central High School wrestling team. As a mom, my son thoroughly enjoys the wrestling team and I enjoy going to watch the matches as well. The hard work and dedication is appreciated. Keep up the good work and good luck."

Baby's doing well

"Thank you to the staff and EMS workers who helped me when my baby choked on a sucker. She's doing fine."

Don't own the road

"To the people on Summerhill Road, you don't own Hwy. 84. They pull right out in front of other cars going 50 mph. This happens everyday on my way to work. This is dangerous."

Good service gone

"What happened to Mr. Hall at the post office? A smile and good customer service is hard to find."

Zell said that

"Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean says the Democratic Party is an 18-state party, not a national party. I believe that's the same thing that Zell Miller said."

God bless Marie

"I gave Marie, a cashier, $20 more than I should have and she returned it with a smile. May God bless her family."

Not about color

"The pictures were not about skin color. It was about doing an illegal act -- plain and simple. If they did not do a crime, the pictures would not be on the front page. All criminals should have their pictures in the paper so we will know who they are and who to stay away from."

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