Real deal

"The Thomasville High School soccer teams are the real deal this year. Keep up the good work. Thank you coaches for your ongoing support and guidance."


"It is amazing how people can be so judgmental when they don't know what they are talking about."

Too slow

"The Grady County Board of Education should have handled the Beta Club deal quickly instead of letting it go as long as it has."

See the danger

"Hey, parents on McKinnon Road! Please don't let your precious little ones ride ATVs when it is dark outside. They see no danger. I do see the danger. Also, the noise is very annoying when you are trying to get some rest at night. So let's please show some respect to the other people in your neighborhood, along with the safety of your children."

Poorly managed

"I am not in favor of hiring an outsider to handle our Beta Club business. Mr. Helms should have executed the requirements of the hand book on the Monday after this event. The board should deal with the teachers. This thing has been poorly managed and very poor decisions have been made. Because of this, this

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