Overdue rave

"I would like to send out a rave that is long overdue to Mrs. Judy Doris. She retired from Garrison-Pilcher last year after serving as principal for many years. I appreciate more than ever her professionalism and willingness to work with parents and all the warmth and love she showed our children."


"So, let me get this straight -- Mrs. Beal sent a letter to the editor complaining about the lack of respect and name calling in the Rant and Rave section only to then end her letter by calling those people 'loudmouths?' I mean, really. The irony is painful."

No right

"Mark Lastinger is right. There is no constitutional right to not be offended."

Start your own

"I'm tired of reading about the people complaining about what is printed in the Times-Enterprise. I live in Thomasville and I love reading about Thomasville and the surrounding areas. The one complaining about Cairo news should start their own newspaper so they can put whatever they want in it. Thank you Times-Enterprise for all the news you put in the paper."

Show respect

"To the woman in collections at Archbold, it's all in the way you talk to people. If you talk to people in a respectful manner, the end result would happen in your favor."

Bond issue

"What's happened to Thomasville? For $3,600 you can be a drug dealer and get out on bond. You go to Laurel Hill Cemetery and steal those angels, you get probation."

Well done, Hornets

"Praise to the Pelham Hornets for a job well done Friday. They lost 12-0 but showed heart with no attitude. They did a good job and the defense looked awesome."

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