“We are so disappointed we we could not see our grandchild perform in the Thomas County Middle School band concert because someone did not have the foresight to see the new lunchroom was not large enough for everyone to attend. Our grandchild called 30 minutes before the performance and said there were no seats. We cannot stand for extended periods of time.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: School officials apologized before the concert, saying the lunchroom was the only available venue in the system.

“If the greeting Merry Christmas is so trivial and insignificant and unimportant, why are you going to such great lengths to remove it from our vocabulary? It was used long before our nation was settled."

“The nativity scene is beautiful at Glad Tidings Church. It signifies the real meaning of Christmas to all those folks there. Job well done."

“The Thomas County Middle School bands sure sounded good last night. I couldn’t tell you how they looked, but they sounded good. I hope the school will do better for these hard working students in the future.”

“I love the calendar the county schools adopted. I’m a teacher, and I haven’t found another teacher who is not happy about it!”

“One headline in the paper today stated, ‘Rental costs hurting low-income families’ and it went on to say rents were too high. If the federal government would get out of the rent subsidy business, the rents would go down. Just like the rents go up every time the government raises the amounts it will pay for rents.”

“Alas, the county school board is alive! For the first time in memory, an issue was actually discussed and debated in public. What a novel idea! It took Kay Streets to breathe life into the body that had become a mere puppet of the superintendent. Bravo, Kay, Bravo!”

“The new school calendar addresses three concerns that many of us had asked the administration to consider: a later start date (maybe not as late as we wanted, but it is a start), fall break was maintained and spring break is later. These are the issues that most people had complained about before. What is not to like about that?”

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