What gives the right?

"What gives others the right to ask others to leave the country when they disagree or disapprove of their opinions on certain things."

That's treason

"Using one's First Amendment rights as a tool to try to undermine the country's morals, values and Constitution is treason."

Why question guilt?

"How come we even question whether Michael Jackson is guilty or not? He's been accused of this numerous times. The name of his ranch is Neverland and now the media wants to make it into a race issue. He's a celebrity who's trying to get off the hook."

America going down

"It's deplorable to have the Sinclair Intimacy Institute coupon in the coupon section. My 11-year-old daughter brought me the slip for it and that's ridiculous. America is going downhill if we have to resort to putting that kind of coupon in the paper."

Get the facts

"The person who complained about the new Medicare drug bill should get their facts straight. The Democrats were totally and completely opposed to the bill. If President Bush had not pushed hard for the bill, we would not have it."


"Congratulations to Boston Midget football team on their undefeated season and to the Boston Hurricanes for being the Turkey Bowl Champion and YMCA co-champions."

Not overrated

"I thank God for vitamins and supplements. They are not overrated."

What am I to do?

"I'd like to know how the county bus system expects people to make reservations for rides. Today I have been calling for over two hours and have yet to get an answer. The phone in the office rings 25 to 30 times or I get a busy signal. What am I supposed to do when I need a ride?"


"The whole year I look forward to donating to the Salvation Army. I want to thank the Times-Enterprise and the Salvation Army for putting in this information."

Terroristic acts

"Terroristic acts are not necessarily planes crashing into buildings. They can also be the ACLU attacking Americans' traditions and values in a court of law."

Services not free

"When a person goes in for health care services at the public health department, ER, doctor's office, no one should assume or think the services are going to be free. Do not go unless you expect to pay a fee."

Great season

"Congratulations to Thomasville High School. You had a great season."

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