It's great

"Thomas County Head Start is great. Thank you to everyone who lends a hand in all the activities. Thank you for getting out there. My children love it."

Thank you

"Thank you Ochlocknee sanitation workers for trying to keep the city looking neat. If the citizens would do their part, it would make their jobs much easier. Let's have a quaint-looking city by improving downtown."

Help me

"My poodle got out, and I'm on home oxygen. I'm by myself and I'm not supposed to leave my yard. He took off and headed down the road. I took off my oxygen and headed down by the road. I tried waving people down to help me get my dog. Nobody would stop, and I could have been about to die. If you find a toy, black poodle, he has on a collar with my phone number, 225-1004. Please help me find my dog named Peppy."


"Why can't Thomasville spray for mosquitoes again? Albany and others do. We'd like to get out and enjoy the city once it gets cooler."

Want to bet?

"I bet if our oil wells went dry today our oil magnets, auto industry and other businesses who depend upon oil to make their big bucks would come up with an alternative tomorrow. I believe they already have the knowledge."

Publish prices

"I went to Tifton Tuesday and bought gas for $2.05 a gallon and in Thomasville it was $2.16. The newspaper should publish the prices so we will know where to shop."

EDITOR'S NOTE: We tried this before and it did not work. The combination of daily fluctuations and erroneous information being provided make it impractical.

IHOP wanted

"I wish we had an IHOP here in Thomasville."

It was FDR

"I wonder if the whining Democrats realize that a Democratic president, FDR, is who authored the first Social Security plan. He also said it would need revamping by 1960. Bush is doing what he said needed to be done. I wish the Democrats would grow up and act like responsible people."

Money to be made

"Congrats to Steven Clawson on for landing a spot on the 'Daily Buzz.' He was incredible. How can Kenny Chesney get a record deal but Steven can't? He's almost as good as Keith Urban. Whoever signs him will makes lots of money!"


"Requiring a black person to show their ID to vote is voter intimidation! How can they vote for Democrats 10 times if they can only be one person. I'm happy Jesse Jackson has looked into this."

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