October 12, 2004

Can't believe Kerry

"I hope people understand that someone who is good at debate doesn't necessarily make a good president. John Kerry has shown us with his flip-flopping record that we can't believe a word he says no matter how good he is at debate."

Keep it up

"As a THS alumni and former band member, I just want to say how impressed I am with Mr. Norton and the students' work in the THS marching band. The music sounds great and the show looks wonderful. Keep up the good work!"

I hope they count

"It is interesting to me that this administration is so concerned with an election overseas, yet has done everything possible to limit and detour voter registration in this country. In Florida, Ohio, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas, the voter registrations have been denied because of misuse or just because the governor of that state has found inconsistencies. How sad is it when we cannot carry out a simple task in this country, and in Iraq they are sending out ballots on the backs of donkeys to every area to ensure voter registration. Lets see what happens in 2004. I hope our votes count this time!"

Fix roads first

"Parts of Broad Street and Gordon Avenue are in terrible condition. These are some of the main thoroughfares to the hospital. Instead of signs coming into the city, try fixing the roads first. That would make a more lasting impression to our citizens and visitors."


"Thank you and congratulations to the Coolidge City Council and other Coolidge citizens involved in organizing Coolidge's first 'Wagon Days,' an outstanding, successful event! I'm already looking forward to next year."

Check the facts

"To the person who thinks Thomas University teams are mediocre, check your facts! The women's soccer team is No. 13 in the country, and three of its four losses have been to teams in the top 10. The men's team has lost four games to top 15 teams, three by one goal and all on the road. It seems that they are doing rather well. If you don't believe me, come see for yourself next weekend at homecoming."

Hard workers

"Brandy and Jessica at Thomasville Tanning and L.P. Murphy are the hardest-working girls. They always have a great attitude and a smile on their faces."

Situation stinks

"Please don't let your cats use the bathroom in my yard. It stinks when it rains, and it stinks when I am working in my flowers in the yard. You deliberately chase your cats into my yard."


"Phil Danner needs to devote more time to his day job. I pity his students. His column is slanted, oppressive and opinionated."

Woman for Bush

"As a Christian woman, one reason I will vote for George W. Bush is because I don't believe being in control of my body means having the right to allow a doctor to tear my baby out of it"

No inserts

"I'd like to know why the Times-Enterprise advertises on Sunday that there will be $65.20 worth of coupons in the paper and when Sunday came there were none at all. I've called and they've said they would send them out and haven't seen them yet. I'm not the only one who didn't get the inserts."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please call Publisher Norman Bankston at 226-2400, ext. 219.

Get rid of him

"We should relieve Bush of his work and send him back to Texas and put somebody in Washington who knows what he is doing."

Move on

"Get over the flip-flops and the teacher attire. Move on to another subject."


"Enough already with the obsession over Rob Kellogg. This paper takes the cake. You have to be arm-wrestled to report any story of substance on the school, but in one week's time you have reported four stories on the front page maligning Brookwood. I thought football is about students. These kids had nothing to do with Kellogg's employment status. The Times-Enterprise owes the Brookwood team and coaches an apology."

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