"It's a real shame and disgrace to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise that our National Guard unit had been deployed since February and we did not hear anything about it until there was a rant and rave in the paper last week."

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Times-Enterprise published a story about Thomasville's guard unit when it was activated last year and another when it was deployed to Kuwait. It also published a recent update quelling rumors the unit's return to the U.S. was imminent.

Looking for witnesses

"I had an accident at Wal-Mart in the afternoon. Anyone who saw it, please call Tino at 379-6302."

Bad news

"On my way home I saw a beautiful bulldog that had been hit on Hwy. 19 and Hwy. 319 bypass across from where Carolina Furniture used to be. He was light beige, had his ears clipped and tail clipped. He had a collar on but no identification. It's obvious he's someone's loved pet and you may just want to know that he has been hit and dead beside the road."


"A million thanks to TOSAC for giving us the opportunity to see their wonderful version of 'Swinging on a Star.' The music, costumes and performances presented a production that was excellent. Thomasville can be proud to be the home of TOSAC."

Clean up

"This is to the homeowner on a U.S. 84 East road. Since you would not clean up your yards and remove excessive junk, maybe the new law the county commissioners passed will help. I hope you will be made to have to clean it up since you wouldn't do it as a courtesy to your surrounding neighbors."

Beautiful job

"Thank you to the company that's taking care of the roses. They are doing a beautiful job."

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