"I'd like to leave a rave for the people who live at 224 Bartow Street in Thomasville, Georgia. Their yard is always so beautiful. Somebody there must really have a green thumb."

"What happened to the friendly staff at a local office in Thomasville. I used to be greeted by name, and now I'm not even spoken to unless I have my insurance card in hand and my co-pay with it. Doctors need to know their office staff reflects them."

"Congratulations to the Central Middle School football team for an undefeated season. Also, I offer a special thanks to the coaches."

"To the person who commented the grand jury was probably a waste of time, money and effort, I paraphrase an old saying, 'All it takes for mediocrity to triumph is for good men to do nothing.' Any citizens group with a recommendation to make us the best we can be should be heard and supported. Fellow citizens, the ball is in our court."

"Congratulations to the Brian Center of Thomasville for a successful annual survey. Thank you very much to the employees for all of their hard work, and thanks to administrator Melissa Black."

"Does the city do street sweeping anymore? The streets have leaves and pine straw, not just in one particular area but all over town. That can be hazardous if you are out walking."

"I want to respond to the person who complained about their tax dollars being wasted on the salary of a postal employee who stands in the lobby talking to women all day. This person is badly informed. First of all, tax dollars don't pay postal salaries. Postal salaries are paid by postal revenue only. Secondly, the person in the lobby who is standing around talking is not a postal employee. He is a member of the janitorial staff contracted by TSA to clean the federal building."

"Thanks to those wonderful people - Courtney, Esther and Leslie - who greet us at oncology. Oh, they are such wonderful, wonderful people."

"The letter to the editor by Richard T. Barnes of Whigham in Tuesday's paper - I totally agree with it. He has it all laid out in the right perspective. He put the nail on the head."

"Richard T. Barnes of Whigham had it all summed up in his letter to the editor Tuesday. Everyone should take the time to read it. We should listen to what he said."

"Regarding Thomas Smith's recent letter to the editor, whether one is a slave to a plantation or extreme left-wing ideology - one is still a slave."

"I want to rave about Coach Coleman about Central Middle School. He's a basketball teacher who is nice and firm."

"Is it too much to put low-income jobs in the newspaper as well as high-profile jobs? Everybody is not as educated, but may have experience."

"I'm a black female with the Democratic party. I want to comment on Phil Danner's article last week. He is a hypocrite because he agreed with the changing the Confederate flag. He's just like Perdue, who was a Democrat before he became a Republican. He's just using white people to get where he wants to be."

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