“Congratulations to Police Chief Ellis Jackson. Thank you to the city for promoting within. Now, if the county would do the same and promote Bob Geer, we would be in good shape."

“Some mobile home parks around Thomasville are deplorable. They have old cars and appliances in the yard. Doesn't Thomas County have an ordinance to control this?"

“I wonder if cities who buy nuclear power would be willing to take the nuclear waste they produce? We have to deal with this poison for centuries to come."

“Watching the Grammys last week was gratifying. The Dixie Chicks walked away with five Grammys. They were crucified and treated badly four short years ago over remarks they made about President Bush. Now, almost everyone agrees with them. Is it hypocrisy or consideration for them?"

“We need to have some help on Rook Lane and Mulberry Street about drug activity. We need the police."

“To Kevin Harvick: Every person at the track, including the drivers and those watching at home, wanted Mark Martin to win after 20 years. Mark Martin should have won the race. Even Kurt Busch would not pass him. Kevin, I hope you enjoy it since you’re such a big man. You have no respect."

“NASCAR does it again. It did not enforce its own rules. A yellow flag at the end should have given the Daytona 500 win to Mark Martin. NASCAR isn’t any different from the WWE. It makes the rules as it goes.”

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