“We should not send our troops over to countries who do not believe in Jesus Christ. We are supposed to be a Christian nation. We are fighting for and protecting people who are anti-Christ. We are in a no-win situation. We could save billions of dollars per year."

“We love Dwain Walden's column. My sister's in a nursing home. I cut it out for her, and my niece reads it to her. We love him to death."

“We can do a lot to clean up greenhouse emissions. We can carpool if someone would start a transportation company to transport workers in vans. If we don't do it, our government will require it."

“The Bush administration is making Americans look like a bunch of fools. While China and Russia are going all over the world and making friends, George Bush and company are out making enemies. You may not care whether the people of other countries like us or not, but you had better start.”

“Global warming is not about single hot or cold days. It is about average climate over a period of time. It is possible to have record cold temperatures and still have an overall warmer climate.”

“Anyone else think it’s insane that a 13- year-old boy should get a felony charge for a BB gun?”

“Can't some common sense be written into our laws? A child with a non-working old BB gun is charged with a felony. Something is wrong here!”

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