“It was a wonderful surprise Saturday morning to hear the Thomas County Central band perform as I entered Walmart. After they played, students took little kids and their mothers into the store and they did some shopping. It was just wonderful. I do love Thomasville.”

“In light of the recent school shootings, I rest my case for gun control.”

“I want to thank Tim and Amy Hebert, and Sallie and staff for the beautiful Christmas display at their business in downtown Pavo, as well as the meeting with Santa. They show the real giving spirit not only at Christmas, but year round. Pavo is very blessed to have people like them as part of their community. Be blessed this Christmas.”

“I will never again waste time reading a Tina Dupuy column. What a bunch of drivel! Again, more divisiveness among the liberals.”

“Those signs warning that guns and drugs are forbidden on school grounds are worthless. The teachers need to be armed. That’s what they do in Israel.”

“God bless everyone involved with Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

“This gun insanity has to be stopped. Gun laws need to be strengthened immediately. How many more senseless deaths will America have to endure?”

“The founder of Domino’s is suing the federal government over the Obamacare provision about mandatory contraception coverage. More companies and churches ought to do this. That government has overstepped its authority in so many places, and this is one of them.”


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