“This Rant and Rave is the reason I am cancelling my subscription.”

“I would rather have President Obama than a right-wing Communist Republican.”

“It was another great year for ‘Shop With A Yellow Jacket!’ Thanks to all who helped out this year and congratulations to all of the excited and happy children that this community was able to help this Christmas season!”

“I support Mark Lastinger's choice for President — Walter Williams.”

“Dormant grass isn't dead, but dirt is dirt — and three or for of the greens have been just that since back in the summer.”

“So your comment to Tiger Woods is that since he didn't claim he ‘was one of you,’ he will not get away with cheating on his wife? You are a disgrace to every race, including your own.”

“Lastinger is obviously a secret Floridian who would rather his home state have a couple extra million to build its awesome new rail system than it come to Thomasville, which he secretly hates. That money is going to be spent. He just wants to make sure it does not get spent here.”

“Leave Tiger Woods and his wife alone. Let them work out their own problems. His wife is going through enough.”

“What happened to the good Christmas music on the CNS scroll?”

“Mr. Lastinger, I totally agree with you about Walter Williams as President. He is an absolutely brilliant man. I don’t think we could get any better.”

“Please keep the lovely black Cocker Spaniel who lives on or around Barnes Street inside or on a leash. He almost got hit this morning.”

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