“PeachCare is not free. The person pays a premium every month. If you are one day late, you cannot be reinstated for 30 days. The premiums need to be raised so people can afford to take their kids to the doctor."

“The fire station needs to be moved closer to U.S. 19 North."

“Cal Thomas's last column was wonderful. Congress has held them back from winning the war in Iraq and not letting them do what they need to done. As a Vietnam vet, this is what happened back then. We are a generation apart from repeating ourselves."

“I hope the city will do more to preserve the natural beauty of Cherokee Lake than was done to preserve the scenic entrance on Old Monticello Road."

“When did the city dump move inside the city of Ochlocknee? There are several properties that give an unsightly appearance because of clutter and various items in the yard. As a property owner, we should feel obligated to keep up our property. What about it, city council?"

“Right on, Charley Reese, for your article. We should all learn to get along."

“I look forward to the day I appear in court for running a traffic light in Thomasville that is controlled out of Tifton."

“I have PeachCare, and I pay every month for it. I have to pay for what my insurance doesn't pay. I work 40 hours a week."

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