“I would like to know why all we read about in the Times-Enterprise is how great a job Republicans are doing. We never hear about Democratic candidate debates or the good things that Democrats do. I think the paper needs to be reminded that eight years of Republican rule is the reason this country is in the mess we are in. I never dreamed that a newspaper could be so biased toward one political party.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The keynote speaker at the Jan. 19 citizens meeting was Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Poythress. The one before that featured Democrat gubernatorial candidate DuBose Porter. Congressman Sanford Bishop and District 171 Rep. Ellis Black, both Democrats, were featured in meetings last year. In addition, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and former Gov. Roy Barnes have been invited. There were no Democrats in Tuesday’s debate because one hasn’t entered the District 173 race.

“Actions, not words. Specific policy suggestions, not romanticism. I wish the editor was not such a sucker for catch phrases and sound bites, but it is what I have come to expect. Perhaps the next citizens meeting will feature Mark Lastinger kissing an elephant on stage.”

“Grady County Sports Hall of Fame should pick more people. They are 50 years too late. Other athletes are dead and forgotten and nobody will remember them. Cairo's first pro player was Gordon Reddick in 1931 not Bobby Walden."

“Barbara Collins' letter to the editor told the facts like they are. Many people think Alaska is not important, but it is. It is as important as any other state. We need plain folks in Washington."

“Thank you, community service people, for picking up trash on Hwy. 84 between Boston and Thomasville. You did a great job."

“Candidate McBerry's platitudes appeal to the entire audience. It would have been more helpful had he been more specific.”

“I live out at Sweetbriar Lakes. Two weeks ago, the county put up detour signs out here and now we have to go six to eight miles out of the way to get into town. No one has done anything about repairing Hall Road. I could take my property tax that I pay in and go down in a day's time and repair the thing and get it back in use. The county has done nothing. The county should send me money for gas if they keep it closed for a year.”

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