“Our pets show us unconditional love and are our very best friends."

“People pay school taxes because they care about their neighbors and community to  have good school systems that attract business. It's also called caring about the next generation."

“Animals do have souls."

“What's the big deal about child care? You can have a baby, don't get married and let the state take care of it. The man and woman can live together in a house and the baby can be taken care of. So what's the big deal? Sounds like a good plan to me."

“I don't know how officials keep expecting us to pay school taxes. I am a senior citizen living on just $800 a month."

“Dick Cheney did a lot of lying in his new book."

“To whoever said animals don't have souls: I wonder who told them they could be the judge. I love my little dog dearly and whoever said that must really hate animals. God created all creatures."

“Bachmann and Perry are hardly mainstream Christians with their denial of science and other fringe beliefs. Criticism of them is not the same as criticisms of Christians in general.”

“I wish this so-called newspaper would publish my rant. I have submitted many rants without the first one published. These people at the newspaper don't want the truth to be published. They hand pick what they want published. Their day will come when they will have to answer to God Almighty!”

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