“Once again, our drug squad commander left out a very important clue to the arrest of the man with dangerous weapons. He included the color, make and model of the truck, but left out whether it had after-market tires and rims.”

“The letter about Mother Douglass was very enlightening. She is truly a woman of God, doing the will of God. This city would be so much better if everyone had the faith and trust in God as Mother Douglass does.”

“As usual, Tina Dupuy's column was insightful. The best part was the last sentence — ‘... when people are afraid, they do all kinds of irrational things ... like vote Republican.’”

“If we have 40 million people who ‘know’ that religion is a fairy tale, that means we have 40 million fools in this country. Psalm 14:1 tells us, ‘The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God.’ Maybe that is the explanation for the mess we're in.”

“It would be better still if the ranter applied to him or herself the same standard they seek to apply to Floyd and Mary Beth Brown. Liberals don't seem to have a problem with free speech — unless they are offended by it.”

“After watching the Republican debate Thursday night I came to the conclusion this is not the Republican Party that I belong to. Is there another Republican Party somewhere that we don't know about? Where are they?”

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