“Thanks you so very, very much for the two Thomas County deputies who stopped to help my wife on Thursday afternoon when she broke down on U.S. 19 South. You guys are the greatest. You definitely did a good thing for your department.”

“The letter by Kay Kramer about people complaining about the front-page report about stealing newspapers was great. I think you should report stuff like that because maybe it will embarrass them into not wanting to steal. There are carriers who depend on the newspapers for their paychecks, just like anybody else. I get my paper everyday, and I am proud to have it. I think you are doing a good job. Way to go, Kay Kramer.”

“Common sense tells us that responsible adults shouldn’t have children or dogs that they can’t take care of. If they choose to make that mistake, they shouldn’t expect others to take care of them.”

“Who pays the salaries for county commissioners and city council members. Isn’t it the taxpayers? If so, they are supposed to be public servants. Mrs. Mays really tried to show her authority at the Tuesday meeting, but I support the taxpayers having their say. I also don’t think it’s fair for senior citizens who don’t have children in school to have to pay school taxes. It’s not fair.”

“Walter Williams is an American-American.”

“Walter Williams is not a disgrace to the black people. He is a beacon that should be followed by all races.”


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