“Thank you to Marilyn for the wonderful job she does on the Grady County Special Olympics in Atlanta and Grady County."

“The City of Thomasville owns and operates several services that should be left to private industry. If we're going to cry about supposed socialism, let's start at home.”

“A great big ‘atta boy’ for Josh Dorminy. Not only was that article well written, he hit it right on the head. Nice to see some horse sense in our young people.”

“I see every government entity in Thomas County puts its budget in the Times-Enterprise, but I have not seen the one from Meigs.”

“There never should have been supplements for teachers. Nobody else gets them.”

“I don’t think it’s fair to have the Cairo graduation in the gym from now on. It limits the number of family and friends who can participate in that special night. Graduation should be on the football field.”

“I thought there was hope for America when Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court’s most liberal member, halted Obama’s sale of Chrysler to Fiat. The rest of the justices ought to be ashamed for not hearing the cases of all those people whose pensions are getting slammed. Their rights were ignored.”

“Having Roy Barnes in the race makes my choice for governor much easier. My guy, or gal, is whoever he is running against.”

“Obama has no choice but to rescue the car companies. The economy will spiral downward without them.”

“Obama is right. We need a new health plan because his policies are making taxpayers sick.”

“Sotomayor won’t top the Supreme Court to the liberal side. It’s obviously already there.”

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