“Great column by Daniel Gardner. Everybody should read it. That man is right on. If this country doesn’t wake up, I don’t know what we are going to do. God help us.”

“A blind man once said he hated all black people until he found out he was black. I think this is what black conservatives are.”

“I really don’t think you people at the Times-Enterprise know how to close an umbrella. You have the biggest headline of the month with Kevin Lee returning to work. You have a two-inch headline and then you don’t have the rest of the story in the paper. Well done!”

“I’m glad to see that Kevin Lee has returned to the narcotics/vice squad. He is a good officer and we all make mistakes at times. All I can say is, Kevin, keep you nose clean this time. Thanks for all of your good work in the past and we look for more of it in the future.”

“Sen. Cruz was against Obamacare. Well, guess what. His family is getting Obamacare.”

“Great reporting by Karen Murphy on the Tired Creek Lake project. Now I know how my money is being spent.”

“Good old boys prevail, and integrity fails.”

“Ted Cruz and Rand Paul would never demolish the IRS or establish a flat tax. The middle and lower classes would benefit, but the multimillionaires would be losers. And who are the GOP's biggest contributors?”

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