“What has Obama done to go on so many vacations?”

“Rico Walker is a hero. He is such a wonderful person. I’d like to know what the citizens of our community can do to contribute to Relief from the Streets.”

“The government tweaks statistics to make things look the way it wants them to look. Our unemployment rate is not actually less than 8 percent. There are more people not working in the U.S. than ever in history. Millions have dropped out of the workforce completely because the economy is bad. Meanwhile, the Fed is printing more and more money out of thin air. Nothing to back it. They are just pushing up the rate of inflation.”

“If you are so sick of us, leave.”

“I agree with the person who doesn't want to run into Islamic militants. Killing in the name of God is an unconscionable sin. But I have also had my fill of sanctimonious, loud-mouthed Christian fundamentalists. The louder someone proclaims their religious beliefs, the more scary they become to the rest of the world.”

“The cancellation of White House tours is such a joke. Obama wastes more money on Air Force One in a day than it costs to fund the tours for a decade.”

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