“Nurses are very special.”

“I really enjoyed the article about the Zebulon Theatre in Cairo. I really feel, and believe, that Thomasville lost a piece of history when it let the Rose Theatre be demolished. The Rose was a fantastic building and it could have, and should have, been saved.”

“I would like to thank Grady County for passing an ordinance against people wearing their britches below their buttocks. I wish Thomasville would do the same.”

“I'm all for getting rid of the IRS. I don't like the Tea Party and what it stands for, but the IRS had no right to do what it did. I say either reform the IRS or get rid of it.”

“Doesn't the ranter know Randy Young has nothing to do with Rant and Rave, and doesn't even read it? Additionally, he strongly dislikes both political parties and refuses to identify with either one.”

“Everyone, regardless of their political leanings, should be outraged by the Internal Revenue Service’s admitted targeting of conservative groups. That kind of stuff is what made us form this country in the first place.”

“Hillary Clinton needs to come clean and admit she blew it in Benghazi.”


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