“How can the Battle of Boston be re-enacted when the Battle of Boston never took place?”

“I’d like to rave about the weather drawings in the paper. I hope you will keep it up and allow some older children to participate. I really enjoy them.”

“Yeah, the Thomas County Drug Squad made an arrest in Meigs the other night. They were up there the next morning. I saw them. It’s all for show.”

“Bobby Bowden, you’re history at FSU. You’d better believe the boosters and alumni are coming after you. You’re gone.”

“I heard the other day about the Baby Boomers starting to draw Social Security. It said Social Security wouldn’t last but a few more years. Why does our country spend billions and billions of dollars overseas protecting other people when they could take this money to shore up our Social Security and Medicare? We don’t need to take care of others when we don’t take care of ourselves. America comes first.”

“If there’s nothing to hide, why is a high-powered law firm hired to get the hospital records? They should be made available to the public anyway.”

“When I took my children to the fair, I was appalled at the number of kids running around alone. Local activities are not a baby-sitting service. This world is crazy. Parents should supervise their children.”

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