“I agree with the person who said their street was lined with trash cans on Thanksgiving morning. Mine was as well. I called last year because it was supposed to be picked up on Wednesday, and this year, also. It's almost noon on Friday and the cans are still not emptied."

“Our streets on Thursday morning were lined with trash cans that had never been picked up. This is poor planning on someone's part. Why did this happen?"

“Charley Reese would not know the truth it if hit him in the face. He can't see any further than his nose because of his hate for Israel and our president. If that makes me a hypocrite, then so be it.”

“When will the local and national newscasters learn that one of our most precious holidays is not Turkey Day. It gripes me to no end they refer to Thanksgiving this way. It’s a day to thank God for what He’s given us. It’s not Turkey Day.”

“Congratulations Thomas County Central for advancing to the elite eight. Good luck when you host St. Piux X next week.”

“Better luck next year, Syrupmakers. You had a great season and we’re proud of you.”

“Word Doers showed what true Christianity is about when they hosted their Thanksgiving lunch Thursday. Everyone should give from the heart like that.”

“Thanks to Flowers Foods for presenting its Christmas lights display. It is a part of my family’s tradition every year to drive through the grounds admiring all the lights.”

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