Thank you

"Thank you to Larry Nunnally, Guy Winkelmann and Bobby Lampkin for staying and praying with my daughter when she had a wreck on Remington Avenue."

Quarter news

"California quarters were released in April, Minnesota will be released in July, Oregon's in September, Kansas in November and West Virginia in January 2006. You can get these quarters at First National Bank. They are a great help to anyone collecting quarters."

Thank you

"The Meigs cemetery is now being mowed, and it is beautiful. Thank you to whoever is doing this."

God bless you

"Thank you to everyone who stopped to help me last Thursday on U.S. 19 after I had an auto accident. God bless all of you."

A pat on the back

"Thank you to firefighters Mr. Lee and Mr. Benton. I had a big limb that fell during the storm. Part of it fell in the street and part of it in my yard. They came by and used their chain saw and got it down. That was going beyond their call of duty. I do appreciate it. They deserve a big pat on the back."

A guarantee

"It's supposed to rain for the next few days. I guarantee someone will have to be pulled out of the ditch on Country Meadows Drive. I dare Commissioner Mays to take a drive down it. Then she will understand why the residents are so worried about having something done."

What's the big deal?

"Why is it such a big deal about people cheering for graduating students? That's what people do to show appreciation for their children and their friends. I think whoever keeps sending the rants concerning that just needs to get a life."

Lovely future

"Our great-grandchildren will never see it, but one day people will look past the color of one's skin. Oh, what a lovely world that will be!"

Sweet Steven

"Thank you to Steven at Publix. He is such a kind and sweet young man."

How high?

"How high does the grass need to get in the median on U.S. 319 South before the state is going to cut it?"

Here's the difference

"To all the confused people in Thomasville, graduation is not a celebration. Like a wedding or a Sunday service at church, graduation is a ceremony. At a ceremony, you do not stand up and cheer."

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