“I'd like to know why it’s mostly men on the advisory panel board. Who picked this panel? There's a lot of real estate people, too. It is not indicative of the population."

“Thank you for printing the first week of the Atlanta Braves schedule. We hope you continue to do this."

“Many people don't want five acres, plus many can't afford it. This is ridiculous. This is America, not Russia."

“The Thomasville Community Resource Center health clinic sounds like a great idea and a much-needed service, but please teach abstinence first.”

“First, trucks cannot go downtown. Now you want them to sneak quietly around the bypass. Jake Brakes may not be necessary, but they will help save brake pads, which will cut down on shipping costs that you eventually pay for.”

“Once agriculture land is lost, it will never be reclaimed. Then I guess America will have to rely on foreign countries for our food just like we do for our oil. The ranter who said that agriculture land is not as important as residential property probably complains about the high cost of gasoline and utilities but is a protester against alternative means of energy production.”


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