“Fine, you don’t agree with the war. Consider this: would you walk away now and let everything crumble after you had started this? If you would think about the world view of us now, then consider the world view of us after we left Iraq high and dry and to its own devices.”

“What planet have you people been living on? George Bush did not cause any of these terrorist problems. He inherited them from the previous president. As you saw during the Chris Wallace interview, a nerve was hit. If he had done his job, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess today.”

“You never know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it. Danielle Stewart was a friend to everyone and a part of the TCCHS family. People who don’t even know her are crying their eyes out because we just lost a member of our family. It shows that we truly do have tenderness somewhere, and it can be found through a moment of loss.”

“If Mr. Earl Williams feels that school system consolidation would be such a great savings of money, why has he not pushed for consolidation of all county and city services. There is no way it could be good for one and not the other.”

“I voted for SPLOST because I thought it was to prevent them from raising property taxes. We voted for it to keep them raising taxes.”

“There’s no reason for us to be in Iraq. I did three tours in Vietnam and I haven’t seen one thing we’ve accomplished over there except to get people killed.”

“The Freeport tax has helped this city grow by keeping businesses here and bring new businesses to our city. This intern provides jobs, home sales, sales tax and property tax revenue. The Freeport tax is not as bad as the board of education would make you believe.”

“It is a sad day when a city council member speaks out against the continued existence of the city’s own school system. How can he expect the educators within the system to maintain morale when they know that this councilman wants to see the city system eliminated? Eliminating the city school system would result only in more warehouses for students, not small schools where children are individuals.”

“Let it be known that the GAE is not speaking for me with its recent endorsement of Mark Taylor. He is not for education. He is for Mark.”

“I agree consolidation of our school systems is a must. Cutting administrative costs is the obvious benefit, but what about rallying the community around one school instead of dividing it between two?”

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