“Cal Thomas' article about Rumsfeld is great. Charley Reese should be in the funny papers. Use more of Dick Morris and Bill O'Reilly. Get rid of Bill Shipp and Charley Reese."

“I'm appalled. I voted at Jerger at 6:15 p.m. and I was the 51st voter. You've got to care about what happens to your state government."

“I agree with Randy Young's column. Mel Gibson got drunk and said some stupid things. He's been a man and apologized for that. There have other Hollywood stars who have said or done dumber things and the public and the Hollywood establishment have forgiven them. Hollywood, get over it."

“Our American flag is flying to honor Master Sgt. Stanley M. Harrell. His unit's 12- month tour in Iraq has been extended for four months. Blessings to all military families who wait.”

“Drinking one soda a day adds 15 pounds every year. School children and teachers need recess and PE. Teachers could have their planning periods while the students go to PE.”

“The Times-Enterprise is rolled too tightly for old people. Some of us have hands that don’t work too well.”

“I wish the Braves hadn’t waited so long to get a closer like Bob Wickman. His arrival is going to be too late to help them make the playoffs.”

“Everyone in Thomas County should be ashamed of the voter turnout. People who don’t vote ought to be quiet when things happen they don’t like.”

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