“How many times does an illegal immigrant have to be picked up for no driver's license and no auto insurance before something is done? They are put back on the street. They are going to kill someone."

“It won't be long before they are pouring gas down gopher holes to catch rattlesnakes in Whigham. They are harming the environment. This should be outlawed."

“If the Democratic Party is not a national party anymore, then why does an overwhelming majority of Americans in every poll state that they want the Democrats to run our nation now because the Republicans have shown us what a horrible job they have done? Imagine that, Mr. President.”

“To the letter writer who condemned the Democrats for voting for a nominee other then Lieberman in Connecticut: I wonder if he/she realizes that Republican Sen. Chaffee of Rhode Island is being challenged by a conservative challenger on the right? Why not condemn the GOP voters who aren't supporting Chaffee, or is that type of criticism only reserved for the left?”

“I thought the city schools spent money to upgrade the turf at Veterans Memorial Stadium. If they did, it was a total waste of taxpayer money from what I saw this past Friday night. Either quit wasting our money on the field or get someone in charge who knows how to look after the grass.”

“I think the Democratic Party is stronger than ever. We recognize those who jump ship to get elected and support a president just for votes. But it looks like it back fired this time.”

“If George Bush and Cal Thomas think it is essential that we win the war in Iraq, then George Bush had better change the course because he is nowhere near winning the war he started.”

“With opposition so rampant to Grady County school reorganization, why does the Times- Enterprise continue to do one-sided PR pieces for the superintendent’s scheme?”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Times-Enterprise has contacted opponents of reorganization. None have been willing to speak on the record.

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