“The school bus accident was caused by children who do not know how to sit down, be quiet and wait their turn to get off the bus. It is a shame that bus drivers have to discipline students and pay attention to the road, too. Students, sit down and be quiet so the bus driver can do his job!”

“Typical behavior of our school board. Kick out the needy. Obviously, this boy wanted to get caught and obviously he is asking for help. If Larry Green had paid more attention to his kids, he’d know that this boy needs his teachers and friends now more than ever. When you put a child in the street, he has no choice but to learn to live there. It was also very distasteful for this paper to put his picture in the paper. No child should suffer such humiliation. I will never waste my money on purchasing this paper again.”

“Please, people. It’s not a perfect world. Accidents happen. It’s part of life.”

“How could anyone actually prefer housing Moussaoui for life in lieu of execution? Our tax money feeding this animal, providing him with clothes and health care! He has sat through the trial smiling through the testimonies describing how our fellow Americans jumped from the towers to their death. In my opinion, he should not be alive today.”

“The American public is not going to accept the U.S. Senate sellout that rewards law breakers who jumped our border. ‘We the people’ should organize counter-marches right now to show we aren’t run by criminals waving foreign flags!”

“I would like to think all the ladies and Dr. Jim for all you do to get the children in and out of the cars in the pick-up lane at Hand-In-Hand. Most of you know the children by their first names. I think that is so great. Ms. Sheila and Ms. Jenna, you did a super job this year.”

“The George Bernard Shaw quote about newspapers being unable to discriminate was very appropriate. In Friday’s paper, several crimes are listed on the front page, but the newspaper chose to ignore the Bush-Cheney information by placing it on page 5 when it should have made page 1. ‘Court papers indicate Bush, Cheney authorized leak’ is front-page news anywhere.”

“It has become an oxymoron to call the Republican Party conservative.”

“Don’t wait until it’s too late, John Schuerholz. Do something about the Braves’ bullpen.”

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