“I’d like to commend the cast of TOSAC’s ‘Odd Couple.’ They are fantastic. Everybody should go to see it. What a show. It is a magnificently done job.”

“I thought the DOT was funded by tax dollars. Why does it have to be tied to a SPLOST tax? We have already paid taxes on this money. We shouldn’t have to do anything to get that money.”

“Laurel Hill Cemetery needs mowing. It is Rose Show week, and we have all these visitors in town. The weeds are awful.”

“Charley Reese’s column in Wednesday’s paper is fantastic. It is truthful and poignant. Anyone who voted for Bush should be required to read it.”

“In Venezuela, gas is 12 cents a gallon. Some people call Venezuela a third-world country. That tells you something, doesn’t it?”

“On Tuesday, Bush halts filling of the oil reserves and also names a committee to investigate price gouging. What he didn’t say was there has already been a price gouging committee named and is funded by the FTC. He’s bringing up old news.”

“Our county commissioners are trying to do to us exactly what Harry Truman once said, ‘If you can’t convince them, confuse them.’”

“If you get a ticket for parking or dogs or whatever, you deserve it. Why not change your behavior to comply with our society and law?”

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