“Anybody else would have gotten fired or jailed for slapping a student."

“How did coach Ed Pilcher get away with slapping a student? Teachers get fired everyday for this. However, he's won five state championships, so it's OK to slap a student. What does that say about Thomas County schools? I'm ashamed."

“Coach Pilcher has come forward and apologized. Sometimes mistakes happen. He's a fine man. Leave it alone."

“Pilcher's punishment should be more severe. It's not even a slap on the wrist. Maybe he shouldn't coach at all next year due to uncontrollable behavior he asserted toward this minor."

“Coach Pilcher has admitted what he's done is wrong and apologized. For all the 16 years he's been at Thomas County Central High School in Thomasville, his good deeds far outweigh the negatives that he has brought to our community. This is not to say what he did was right, but he has been a father figure to hundreds of young men who have come through the program."

“It's a shame that there's zero tolerance for kids in school. Teachers and coaches act like they are above the law."

“Coach Pilcher should not allowed to slap a student and get away with it. He should not be allowed to tell a student to hit another student. If this was any other teacher doing this, they'd be fired. The same thing should happen to everyone."

“Regarding the Ed Pilcher incident and him getting a five-day suspension, if it was one of our citizens and we did that — we'd get more than that."

“I am really proud that coach Ed Pilcher owned up to the mistake he made. He is really and truly a good-hearted person and loves the children he teaches and coaches. He has been truly dedicated to the students and players of Thomasville.”

“To Pavo officials: We know that historical ordinances are going to be looked at and will benefit a few of you. We ask you to be concerned about all residents. Please select things to benefit the town and welfare of all."

“I'm glad to see the Thomasville High School graduation get the dignity it deserves. When my son graduated in 1986, I couldn't hear his name called and had to strain to see through waving arms to catch a glimpse of him receiving his diploma. That was 21 years ago. Why has it taken dignity so long to be restored?"

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